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We provide innovative payment processing and loyalty solutions to forward thinking companies of all sizes to attract and retain customers. Once we identify your goals, we offer the right payment processing solution to address the needs of your loyal customers. Anticipating your needs and collaborating with you to achieve success, Yoonify is your partner of choice.

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Innovative payment and loyalty services to accelerate your business!

We understand the common challenges many businesses face. Our work starts with you: your needs, your expectations and your customer loyalty program.

Payment Solution

Our team can help you meet your business needs with secure, sophisticated payment processing solutions to create better ways for you to serve your customer. Whether your company is a small ecommerce business or a complex, multinational corporation, we will customize a secure solution to help you serve your customers and meet your bottom line goals. Our innovative payment processing solutions utilize our patented technology to help you get your perfect system up and running, all the while providing you the customer support you need.

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Loyalty Solution

Yoonify’s solutions are designed to go way beyond accepting payments and help you attract new customers and increase sales revenues. Every customer wants a personalized experience when engaging with your business. Yoonify’s Loyalty Solution elevates customer engagement that you can quantify and monitor when delivering relevant customer experiences. This sophisticated platform provides you opportunities to create loyalty campaigns with measurable outcomes to promote the products and categories you select.

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